Transportation of hollow core slabs

Hollow core slabs are widely used in construction, as are concrete slabs, beams, columns and other items. The hollow core slab is a prefabricated concrete element used to make floors in buildings.

Did you know that Labor has a solution for transporting hollow core slabs? It's the Concrete Loader, an innovative semi-trailer for the construction industry.

Transporting hollow core slabs - The Concrete Loader is perfect for transporting hollow core slabs, so-called because they have "honeycomb" cross-sections that reduce the slab's own weight without compromising its structural capacity. The semi-trailer allows the driver to easily load and unload these large, heavy structures up to 4 meters high and 11 meters long.

As these are large pieces, the transportation of hollow core slabs requires robust equipment for lifting and positioning. The Concrete Loader guarantees agility and safety in this type of operation.

Labor Concrete Loader semi-trailer - ideal for transporting hollow core slabs

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