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Labor Equipamentos, manufacturer of high-tech solutions in the form of road implements!

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Taubaté Unit

A successful venture

Founded in 1991 in São Paulo, in the neighborhood of Belém by Eng. Heberson Cosso, Labor Equipamentos Rodoviários started its activities with services in the area of ​​alignment, stretching and chassis reforms.

After two years, it moved from an area of ​​230 m2 to 700 square meters, where it began manufacturing special chassis, including chassis for electric buses, and pneumatic suspensions.

In 1998, a new expansion was necessary and the company started to be located on Rodovia Fernão Dias, driven by the great success of the special trucks.

Currently, Labor has 2 own factories, one in Guarulhos on the banks of the Presidente Dutra Highway and another in Taubaté (SP) totaling about 30,000 m2 of area.

Guarulhos Unit

Leading company in technology in its segment, Labor’s history is marked by pioneering spirit, always presenting innovative product launches, such as the first national pneumatic suspension for trucks and semi-trailers, the first and only non-European company to manufacture In Loader semi-trailers for glass transport. , in addition to its unique creations such as the Maxiloader concept and other double deck solutions, numerous mobile unit concepts, etc.

In addition to this history, it is worth noting that for more than 20 years the company has maintained a sector of innovation and challenges, where its customers report their current processes and Labor creates particular solutions, aiming at increasing productivity and profitability, whether in transport, logistics or on other needs.

History of innovation

Since its foundation, the objective is not to be the biggest company in the sector, but the best and most evolved. Passionate about technology, all our products have ways and reasons to be better and more productive. In view of the evolution of trucks, the implement cannot be a wooden platform under wheels.
Today all our products are exclusive in Brazil, having no competitors and equaling the best in the world in terms of state-of-the-art innovation and technology.

“It is insane to do things the same way and expect different results” Albert Einstein.


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