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How to Load up to 27 ton. in 4 minutes with just 1 operator and without touching the load?


Labor’s In Loader system makes this operation possible quickly, safely and efficiently!

Thanks to the Labor air suspension design, which does not need the axle beam, the semi-trailer has independent suspensions on each of its sides, which makes it possible to transport the goods without any vibration, in addition to allowing the semi-trailer to be 4 cm from the ground. during loading/unloading. In this way it is possible to hook up an easel with the load previously prepared and lift it, similar to a huge forklift.

The fast loading and unloading logistics generated by In Loader makes this semi-trailer of high use, proving to be vastly more efficient and safer than conventional equipment, as the glass is rented or moved from its easel (loaded at the shipper and unloaded at the customer) at the same time. time the semi-trailer transports a third trestle.

In other words, there is no downtime for the In Loader.


As it has the advantage of its softness during running and the possibility of transporting high loads, the In Loader Labor trailer is widely used in the transport of glass, where it transports 6 meters long by 4 meters high sheets and only 2 mm thick or more. . Another great advantage of this equipment is to provide an extremely safe operation due to the low center of gravity of the equipment, which makes tipping practically impossible. Even if an accident happens, the glass is confined inside, making it safe for other vehicles and passengers.
It has electronic suspension control and EBS brakes.

Labor Equipamentos Rodoviários is also the only company in the world to manufacture articulated In Loader trailers (Bi Inloader), increasing the capacity of glass transported per trip by 75%!

In Loader Labor, your transport possibilities grow, your cost drops and your confidence increases.

Choose Labor technology on your next purchase!

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