Sider Double Deck – Maxiloader

Up to 43 pallets with differentiated load lashing

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Two Maxiloader Labor trailers transport the same volume of goods as three conventional ones.

Agility in loading and unloading, 42 to 43 pallets per trip and an impressive semi-trailer traveling the roads with your brand highlighted.


The use of Labor air suspension, which dispenses with the axle beam, makes the entire floor-to-floor space of a conventional sider trailer become cargo space on the Maxiloader Double Deck Sider Labor.

This increases the load volume by 50%, as all space is used, including the space between the equipment’s wheels with a rolled floor. You carry 50% more cargo with the same operating cost, fuel, toll, tires, etc. of your conventional trailer.
In addition, you reduce the fleet of trucks, the number of drivers and generate carbon credits for the shipper.

There are 42 to 43 pallets divided into two floors, so the load is not damaged during transport and you gain better use of space!

It’s technology working together with you for better financial results!


When you look at a Double Deck Sider from Labor you think: How has no one thought of this before?

They thought, but Labor was the only one that overcame the technological challenges to build it.

Get to know some different features of our Sider Double Deck:

-Loading and unloading is carried out 100% with forklifts, in incredibly optimized time.

-The cargo lashing is done on the ground, including the upper floor.

-Gain profitability with fuel, tolls, reduction of truck fleet, tires, payroll, etc.

-The value of the pallet transported will be lower than the competition, at a very low investment cost.

Be the logistical innovator. After all, whoever walks the least, flies……

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