Mobile units

School Cart, Health Unit, Store, Service, Security, Fair, Stand and everything you can imagine!

Do you want to increase your presence at different points in an easy way, with a low investment and high technology? likes to impact

Then you need a Mobile Labor Unit.

mobile units

Mobile units have been a solution in Europe and the US for a long time. Now in Brazil, you have Labor Equipamentos, which exceeds expectations by manufacturing solutions that surpass even the Europeans and Americans, with models that are different from any other on the market and with high technology.

Made to order, each Mobile Unit meets its objective with an exclusive project for each client, according to their need for space, sophistication and budget.

All units start with an access area on the lower floor, about 20 cm. off the floor and can be up to 3 stories high when on the job site. This technology eliminates the need for an external ladder to access the unit, making it extremely inviting and accessible.
Automated, ready to use in minutes!


Manufactured without chassis, in a monoblock system and with Labor pneumatic suspension, which does not require the axle beam. This mechanism increases the area of ​​use of the equipment and allows the use of the ground floor close to the ground, in addition to providing the possibility of creating a third floor within the unit, that is, it is possible to have two to three completely separate and independent environments. within a single unit without having to assemble and disassemble partitions.

Discover some unique features of our Units:

-Possibility not only of side openings to expand the internal space, but also of different floors,

-Lower unit with entrance close to the ground, dispensing with the use of external stairs for access. That way your unit will be more accessible and inviting!,

-Custom projects in different models, from the most conventional ones already offered on the market, to the most different and extravagant,

– All automation is done by Labor itself, making the Labor Mobile Unit to be at another level in technology and finishing,

-Your unit is not developed on a conventional trailer base with advances. It is conceived to be a mobile unit from the beginning of your project,

-With high sides and made of smooth material in its external closure, the unit’s adhesiveness transforms it into a walking billboard, marking the presence of your brand.

Discover our solutions in Mobile Units. The least you can say is “Surprising”….

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mobile units

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