How to up 27 tons. in 4 minutes with one operator and without touching the load?

The In Loader system allows this operation. With air suspension on rear wheels and also above the king pin, the equipment transports the merchandise without any vibration and allows the trailer to be 4 cm of the soil. I this way, you can hitch the dish already prepared with the load and lift it, since there is axis connecting the two wheels.

Due to its softness and having the advantage in carrying high loads, the semi trailer In Loader Labor is widely used in the transportation of glass, which carries blades of 6 meters long and 3.80 meters in height by only 2mm thick . But the trailer has a big versatility and can carry loads of up to 4 feet, for example pieces of concrete prefabricated. "Labor" is the only company in the world to manufacture the articulated trailer In Loader (Bi Inloader), increasing 75% the capacity of glass transported per trip.

With the In Loader Labor your transport possibilities grows and the cost falls. Choose Technology Labor on your next purchase.

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