Conventional Double Deck – Maxiloader

Up to 43 pallets with differentiated load lashing

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Two Double Deck Labor trailers transport the same volume of goods as three conventional trailers.

That’s right, 42 to 43 pallets of 1.85 m. tall per cart!


The use of Labor air suspension, which eliminates the axle beam, makes practically all space from the floor to the floor height of the trunk of a conventional trailer become cargo space on Double Deck Labor.

The Cargo Box grows by 2.8 m. for 4 m. height and to improve the use, we divided this space in 2, generating as if they were two trailers of approximately 2 meters in height, which meets almost all pallet heights.
It is as if we were stacking two pallets, which, divided by the double floor, do not damage the goods.


You carry 50% more cargo, with the same operating cost, fuel, tolls, tires, etc. of your conventional trailer.
In addition, you reduce the fleet of trucks, the number of drivers and generate carbon credits for the shipper.
It’s technology working together with you for better financial results!

How is loading and unloading performed?
Simple, the rear door of the semi-trailer transforms when opened into a hydraulic platform, which goes up and down with the pallets from the dock level to the upper or lower floor, being possible to unload next to the floor as well.

Think outside the box, get Maxiloader Double Deck Chest Labor.

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