The CONCRETE LOADER semi-trailer, besides carrying prefabricated pieces up to 4 meters high without the need for special licenses, brings practicality, safety and economy in operation, where productivity is the key to success.

The semi-trailer CONCRETE LOADER is perfect to transport concrete and architectural panels, slabs, ladders, gravity walls, gutters, road defenses, etc. The loading and unloading is carried out on a board at the factory at any time, independent of the presence of the truck and cranes at the same time. This means that, the loading is performed on boards independents of the rest of the semi-trailer, wake makes the logistic process faster and efficient, as well as economical.

With an electro-hydraulic clamping system for lashing and independent pneumatic suspension (without axles), the semi-trailer stays 4 cm from the ground during loading and unloading. The Concrete Loader can load parts up to 4m. of height and 10m. of length, in a span of 1.55m with 29 tons in just 4 minutes.

* Required Patent