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If transporting prefabricated parts used to be a problem, now it’s not. A safe, extremely productive and efficient way to load parts up to 4m high


The Concrete Loader System revolutionized civil construction in Europe and today is the best alternative for the world.

Labor Equipamentos Rodoviários, with more than 20 years of experience manufacturing In Loader semi-trailers for glass, uses its know-how and offers the market equipment prepared for the needs of Brazil and the world.

Thanks to the Labor air suspension, which does not require axle life, the semi-trailer is independent on each of its sides.

The equipment, in addition to transporting the goods without any vibration, allows the semi-trailer to be 4 cm from the ground during loading/unloading.

In this way it is possible to hook up an easel with the load previously prepared and lift it, similar to a huge forklift.


The advantages of having a Concrete Loader:

-Load/unload in 4 minutes, driver only, no cranes or munks,

-The logistics generated by Concrete Loader makes the semi-trailer with the use of several conventional semi-trailers,

-The easel is loaded on the shipper and unloaded at the customer at the same time as the semi-trailer transports a third easel. In other words, there is no downtime for the Concrete Loader,

-Your factory is organized, as all production is stored on easels that can be loaded at any time, including at night,

-Makes the work more economical, as the stock of prefabricated items was also placed on easels, being unloaded only when you need to assemble and not for the release of trucks (as in traditional trucks), bringing savings also in the leasing of munks and similar equipment,

-You carry 4 meter high panels with no need for escort or permissions,

-Load safety is total and with very low probability of tipping over, with electronic suspension, EBS brakes and hydraulic load lashing system,

-High productivity in delivery even when the work is located in a place with legal restrictions on the movement of trucks,

-Low investment and reduced transport costs thanks to Labor technology.

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