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Canvas tent, hot beer, wet floors and improvisation are things of the past.

Events are places where Brands are seen. And everyone knows the value of a brand.


Labor specializes in manufacturing liquor stores at events, using its know-how in mobile units and cargo transport. The result is brewing trucks, from the most sophisticated ones with bulk transport of beer and industrial cooling for manufacturers and representatives, to the simplest, selling a few liters a day per barrel or can. Made to order, each Brewery Unit meets its objective with an exclusive project for each client, according to their need for space, sophistication and budget. Regardless of size, the goal is to be seen and remembered.


Labor Equipamentos manufactures customized projects, always aiming at quality, technology and innovation in its units, so why limit this unit to just beers and chopps? Any other type of beverage, such as soft drinks, can be adapted to be served in this unit!
Manufactured with the monoblock system with independent axes by Labor Equipment, the brewing unit for Labor events can have everything you need: counter, sound, lighting, LED panels, frozen beer tower. Or even be a simpler unit, without so many props, but still impressive!
Make your presence unforgettable at any event!
With different models and configurations, this unit takes its brand to another level!

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beer station

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