10 reasons to buy
a Double Deck Labor

1 – 33% reduction in the price of the transported pallet

2 – Reduction of 33% in the fleet of trucks with the same volume transported today

3 – Sustainable product with 40% less CO2 emissions in transport

4 – Decrease in the number of drivers

5 – Decreased toll value when transporting 33% more.

6 – Goods without damage from stacking.

7 – Equipment with smooth side panels of 4 meters in height for its dissemination (outdoor ambulant).

8 – Possibility of loading/unloading at ground level with the rear platform.

9 – No need for a different truck.

10 – Technology experimented for years in Brazil.


1 conventional trailer = 28 pallets
1 Double Deck Labor 3 axes = up to 42 pallets

In other words, to load 84 pallets, 3 trips are needed with a conventional trailer and only 2 trips with a Double Deck Labor 3 axles!

What does that mean?

-Less toll
-Less oil
– Less CO2 emission into the environment
-Less tires
-Less fuel
– Fewer drivers
-Smaller fleet needed

It means savings and financial gain with every trip!
Double Deck Labor, double the benefits!


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